Pilot Project Overview

 The 2007 Railways White Paper asked the rail industry to work with all relevant stakeholder
groups to pilot Station Travel Plans and provide advice on whether the travel plan approach
could be beneficial to passengers.

ATOC agreed to lead the pilot programme, and following the White Paper publication, set about working with stakeholders to deliver it. ATOC convened a National Steering Group for Station Travel Plans to drive the initiative forward and provide a more coordinated approach.

At the outset of the programme, the National Steering Group agreed a clear four-year project
plan, summarised below.

Overview of project plan

Phase Dates Actions
Set-up Feb - July 2008
  • National Steering Group agree success criteria
  • Pilot application and selection process completed
  • Pilots set up local steering groups
Research August - December 2008
  • Rail industry partners fund core research at each pilot
  • Pilots undertake site audits and additional research
Planning January - June 2009
  • Pilots produce Objectives and Action Plans
  • Drafts reviewed by National Steering Group
  • Pilots produce Text Summaries for national report
Delivery August 2009 - ongoing
  • Pilots deliver their travel plans
Monitoring Autumn 2010 and 2011
  • Two waves of follow-up surveys to monitor success criteria
Evaluation April 2012
  • National Steering Group reports back to DfT on the outcome of the pilot programme


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